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  1. Good design is the key to any successful sign, even if the budget is tight this is an area to invest in even if the investment is simply time. Look at what similar companies have done, choose your colours well and remember that a high proportion of the population are colour blind so subtle colours will just blend in. Try to keep the wording to a minimum the more there is to read the less likely people are to read it. Try to avoid lots of telephone numbers, ideally just one otherwise people do not know which number to try first.
  2. If you are having a sign on a building that has not had one before, then it might be worth speaking to your council first (in theory all signs should be submitted for planning consent but generally the councils are only concerned if it is likely to change the area or upset local residents).
    A full planning application can be submitted by yourselves, or the sign company you choose will be able to do this for you. If you are concerned you can always send or take drawings to the council prior to your application and they will give you a rough idea if it is likely to be accepted or not.
  3. When you decide what your sign is to look like consider how long you would like to to last. These days lots of signs are being digitally printed, which is a cheap by effective way to make a sign, however depending on how the sunlight falls on it the inks will fade sooner or later, so if you want something that is going to look good in four or five years’ time the sign may need to be manufactured in a different way.
  4. If you want your sign to illuminate there are various choices that can be made to do this. The most common method to illuminate a sign is from the inside with fluorescent tubes, these give a good strong light and can last for many years without needing to be changed, but they do not come with a guarantee and tubes can fail even after a few hours.
    Another common method is to use spot lamps shining on the front of the sign, this has the advantage that bulbs are easy to change and unlike internally illuminated signs, generally they do not need planning permission. The latest innovation is LED lighting; these are an expensive light source but cost next to nothing to run and are virtually maintenance free, so in the long run can be the cheapest option. There are huge ranges of illumination methods to choose from so take advice from your sign company for the best option.
  5. When you choose a sign company to help you, try and look around to see a portfolio of the work they have done in the past. Unfortunately there are lots of people who can start businesses with little experience and sometimes it is that experience that can make or break a project. Personally I have seen a fortune spent on signage all made from materials that buckle in the heat or will crack in the cold and weeks later they are being repaired or altered, which ultimately is a poor reflection on your business.


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